About Us

Our View

The rapidly-increasing population has posed a challenge to economy planners around the world to drastically improve food production, both in terms of quantity and quality. In this frantic effort, agricultural companies around the globe resorted to production short-cuts – excessive chemical use, earlier crop maturity, gene alteration, etc. – to feed the world. All these practices, however, resulted into grave deterioration of human health, ecology and the environment. It becomes imperative, therefore, for everybody in food production to reverse this trend of chemical destruction and ensure healthier living conditions for
generations to come.

Our Company

Enviro Scope Synergy Inc. is a pioneering Filipino company that specializes in the development of agricultural inputs that rejuvenate the soil as they increase crop production.

Every crop season, farmers use more and more chemical inputs just to keep up with the yield and quality needed for harvest. This vicious cycle however, is caused because chemical inputs strip our soil of its essential bioavailability and nutrients.

Our goal is to restore the land to its healthiest state, while allowing the farmer to continue with their planting season uninterrupted — resulting in significantly increased yield and quality for the harvest season.

Our Vision

To build and sustain better, safer, and healthier communities for the Filipino Nation.

Our Mission

To introduce products and technologies that will preserve human and ecology life while maintaining sustainable food production;

To educate and train farmers on safe, healthy, and productive methodologies in farming;

To protect the environment and the community from harm arising from improper farming products and methodologies;

To work with the necessary partners towards the preservation of life and ensure a healthier world to live in.